“The brand believes in something real, a transversal style that dresses the young, trendy, woman as well as a more ladylike, glamourous, classic woman and accompanies her at anytime of the day on any occasion. The Reason for the creation of 2 different lines is to cover all day and night moments of a woman’s life.  Jeans is more casual – chic and the Collection is for  glamour events.

Kocca is growing alongside women’s growth, being inspired by her independency, freedom and style in the day of  day life. Kocca is the brand that offers a continuous research for the exaltation of natural modern femininity. KOCCA project offers contemporary creations and attractive, unmistakable Kocca identity: a style is easily, recognizable supported by a level of production that wisely combines the selection of the best materials with a careful study for details.